Hydraulic2000 Building

Welcome to more than 20 years of experience and knowledge

Are you looking for a partner in engineering solutions? At Hydraulic 2000 our team is dedicated to deliver expert and timely assistance in hydraulic, filtration, pneumatic and lubrication products, services and innovative solutions. We do repairs and field service and are considered a centre of excellence in the North West Province.

We offer safe and reliable products, services and solutions.

We deliver excellent service to you because Hydraulic 2000 has a fully equipped workshop and a test bench with trained staff at its disposal. It is part of our service to let the staff undergo continuous training in all aspects of hydraulic equipment and repairs. We also possess properly equipped field service vehicles that are used to render quality service to the client. Furthermore we are proud of the fact that our facilities at the workshop do not only meet the minimum safety requirements, but are also clean at all time.

Visit our air-conditioned shop for friendly assistance provided by well-trained personnel.

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Some of our services

Filter 2000Donaldson Filtration Distributor.
All Air, Lube, Hydraulic, Fuel Filters.
Air Cleaners And Accessories
Truck EquipmentSupply and repair of all air brakes and other truck equipment.
Hose shopFully Equipped Hose Shop.
Repair; Build Any Kind Of Hose & Pipe. Hoses; Fittings Ect.
Test EquipmentRepair; Supply; Test Certificates Test Equipment Build To Specification